Arm Wrestling Reborn



Arm Wrestling Reborn


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Made purely out of passion for the sport. A modern era arm wrestling game like never before. Simplified controls with common arm wrestling techniques used in real arm wrestling matches fans of the sport will recognize, play on mobile, PC or even in VR (Oculus Rift).

View the controls diagram for PC keyboard and gamepads.


Play as new comer Troy Walker on his adventure to become champion in a super match against world champion Chuck Mobb!


Tap as fast as you can for more power.

Pull, Top Roll (Reach), Power Press and Soul Hold abilities.

6 A.I arm wrestlers to pull, 6 locations.

Workout to get stronger.

Instant replays.

Arm breaks.

1 or 2 Players. (2 player beta)


PC Gameplay Details

Single player - Play using your keyboard.
2 player VS - Pull a friend uses 1 keyboard. (Left CTRL / Right CTRL)

Be your own cameraman while you arm wrestle.

Extra scene cut from mobile.


VR PC Gameplay Details
Single player - Play full game in VR, pull using your own arm.
2 player VS - 2 player local gameplay, keyboard player vs VR player. (Set keyboard away from sensors and VR player)
2 player - One player wrestles the A.I opponent in VR while a second player controls the physical cameraman with the keyboard and mouse.


Mobile Version

Single player.

2 player VS. (Uses 1 phone)

Speedrun and match timer to challenge your best times.



OS: Android 10

CPU: 2.0GHz+

API: 30

Controller: Touch screen

Graphics Core: OpenGL ES 3.0+


Touch screen is needed to tap controls.



OS: Windows (32bit or 64bit) Intel / AMD SSE2 instruction set support

CPU: 2.5 ghz or higher recommended

Graphics Core: Direct X11 / Direct3D 11

Controller: Keyboard

Microsoft.NET 2.0+
GPU: Geforce 510 or newer



OS: Windows (32bit or 64bit) Intel / AMD SSE2 instruction set support

CPU: 2.5 ghz or higher recommended

Headset: Oculus Rift

Controller: 1 right Oculus touch controller.

Graphics Core: Direct X11 / Direct3D 11


Developed for seated play but can be played standing up.

Update information

PC Version



+ 1/28/22 Added new ending.

+ 12/19/21 UI fixes.
+ 12/19/21 Animation updates.
+ 12/18/21 Fixed floating on Garage Scene.
+ 12/18/21 Focus update.
+ 12/5/21 Xbox and PS4 controller support.
+ 12/2/21 Added Robo Tom arcade for pull practice.
+ 12/2/21 Lowered difficulty of first level.
+ 12/2/21 Updated help scene.


Mobile Version



+ Camera improvements.
+ Gameplay improvements.



+ Lighting improvements.
+ Improvements to gameplay.
+ VS improvements.

+ Top Roll (Reach) sound alert aid added.



+ Soundtrack and sound effect changes.

+ Improvements to gameplay.

+ Material updates.